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Monday, November 29, 2010

As the seasons change, so does this blog.

Culinary Endeavors of a Med Student - where Cost, Taste, and Worth take precedence over Nutrition and Calories ;)
Not quite average and not quite gourmet - simple recipes for food that will fill you up and leave you satisfied.

Ever since I've moved back to mainland USA, the above description doesn't fit the scope and direction of this blog anymore. This is especially true since I am making a conscious and concerted effort to be more healthy in all aspects of my life.

As such, the name of this blog must also change, and so we go from 'Substitute Cooking' to 'By Chance Bawarchi' - not to self-applaud, but I do get a good response to my cooking in real life.

It was going to be Accidental Chef, but it turns out there's a whole flock of them on the net. Bawarchi is Hindi for Chef, so the new name is just a play on words.

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